"Are Anxiety and Stress Holding You Back in Life?"

Then join me on a radical 21-day experience to "reboot" your soul and start a happier, more grounded and more fulfilling chapter of your life!

Anxiety and Worry?

Anxiety is fear. It happens in the mind. Fear of not being good enough, fear of not knowing what is going to happen, fear of not coping.....there are so many aspects to life and so many worries associated with them. We also live in a time of uncertainty, pressure, and rapid change. This can leave you feeling powerless, fearful and anxious. Fear is not a logical problem though. It usually cannot be solved only by rational strategy. The best solution is to become greater and stronger than the fear. 

Stress and Overwhelm?

Stress happens when your capacities are challenged - too many responsibilities, initiatives, commitments and deadlines. The 'busy-ness' of life has disconnected you from your inner guidance system. The information overload has drowned out the true wisdom you need. The media has confused what you really want in life. It is like trying to get somewhere with a compass but no map! You cannot think your way out of this one – your current wisdom got you here! You need a new strategy to get a different result. It is time to reconnect with a deeper wisdom to guide your life. 

Scars from the past?

We all go through stuff in life.....some more than others. Life's experiences and challenges leave us mentally and emotionally scarred. The anger, fear and damaged self-esteem rears its ugly head from time to time, holding back the full manifestation of who we really are. Its like driving with the brake on! Its time to release the brakes. Its time to reprocess the past with a new perspective and a new toolset. Maybe it is time to reengage with life with a new empowering identity!

"The Mind is Stronger than the Body, The Soul is Stronger than the Mind."

"Bring in the BIG hammer!"

The moment you look at life from the soul’s perspective, the cloud of uncertainty or despair lifts and you can see a bright life within your grasp. Your Soul will guide you and empower you if you will only connect with it!

This 21-day experience is an opportunity to find YOUR INNER CLARITY, STRENGTH AND PEACE, the chance to feel loved and supported, and the possibility of experiencing a profound RENEWAL that can only come from a renewed connection with your soul.

If we haven’t met already.....

I am Dr. Sunil Sharma, your host for this RADICAL 21-day experience. I have rebooted my own soul using the approach I teach. In 2001, following the folding of the software company that I wholeheartedly founded and grew for twelve years, I embarked on a quest to uncover, understand, and apply the principles of living a successful and fulfilling life.

Little did I know that my dream of ‘a fulfilling life with no fear’ will lead me to fifteen years of studying all major religions and exploring timeless wisdom through deep meditation and contemplation, while living an everyday life with responsibilities, bills, and drama.

The truth of life, I discovered, is at odds with the way I was living my life and the way most people are living their lives today. Sadly, despite their best efforts and intentions, most people will not find sustainable satisfaction in life because they have not learned the wisdom and guidance that can lead them to a solution of their problems.

To reach the pinnacle of satisfaction and happiness in life requires a fundamental shift in thinking and approach. In doing so, we invite into our lives the perfection of the spirit, which completely exceeds the power of the mind and its conditioning. I describe this quantum transformation as ‘rebooting of the soul’. At the other end of this transformation is a life without fear and anger, with a sense of direction and meaning, and the satisfaction and joy that comes from a life lived fully.


What Participants Say:

Shane Melaugh

"Brought Peace to a Stressful Life!"

"Dr. Sunil Sharma's 21 day Reboot Your Soul program was a tremendous help in my life! He teaches you new perspectives, which brought peace in certain stressful areas of my life. Sunil's daily classes will help you to Reboot your Soul in a kind, and peaceful manner. I highly recommend his Program!"

Allison Blakley

Bank Manager, Utah, USA

Shane Melaugh

“In just 21 days I feel like a changed person!”

“ I highly recommend Dr. Sharma’s “Reboot Your Soul” 21 day course. My wife and I had previously participated in a meditation retreat led by Dr. Sharma so I knew this course would be wonderful before I even started. And it did not disappoint - each day I spent around 10-15 minutes watching a video of Dr. Sharma sharing his wisdom and about 5 minutes sharing my thoughts on the lesson with the group and/or completing a short exercise. Sunil has been on his path for many years and condenses much wisdom into this course; in just 21 days I feel like a changed person. I’m not sure I will ever be free of stress and anxiety entirely but this course has put me on the path towards more serene living. As a bonus, Dr. Sharma includes a couple of his amazing guided meditations."

Michael Hodgins

Business Owner, Phoenix, USA

Shane Melaugh

"A Magical Combination of Benefits!"

"I really enjoyed this 21-day Reboot your Soul Program! Despite being on the spiritual path for quite some time now, I found a couple of nice surprises :-) . It also helped so much in my integration process! The program allowed me to manage my timings to follow it each day, taking just the right amount of time, which was very practical. It overall brought to my life a magical combination of simplicity and clarity that obviously comes from someone who is walking his path. Now enjoying your book From Here to Happiness. Thank you Sunil!"

Karen Noack

Translator and Hypnotist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shane Melaugh

"So much less anxiety and stress!"

“This came along at such a perfect time because I was feeling overwhelmed, unfocussed, and inundated. But now I’ve experienced so much more clarity, purpose, and vision – and so much less anxiety and stress – in my business and private life since beginning Dr. Sharma’s program. I absolutely LOVE his 21 day Reboot Your Soul program and recommend it to anyone!”

Pix Jonasson

Business Owner, NSW, Australia

Shane Melaugh

"A jump start to a new and wonderful beginning!"

“Thank you for this amazing program Sunil. Reboot your Soul has helped me capture the real essence of life. It has given me the confidence to step up, to conquer my goals and dreams. It has made me aware of things I can change and given me the tools to change them. This program is the jump start to new and wonderful beginning. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Maria Salazar

Spiritual Wellness Teacher, Mexico


For the 21 days…you need to do just 3 things.

1. Follow Your 21 Day Challenge. You’ll receive a new lesson every day —for 21 days. Each lesson is a 10-15 minute video that you can watch at your convenience. If you miss a day or two, you can easily catch up. Every day is designed to allow you to build a deeper connection to your life. Every lesson will help you re-discover your life from the inside out.

2. Share your reflections. This matters! There are short daily prompts and check-ins to help you address particular aspects of your life. The learning is in the doing. As you describe how the lesson connects with you, you integrate the teaching into your life. Beside each lesson is a place to ask Dr. Sharma questions, all of which he will answer.

3. Say Goodbye to the old and welcome the new. The potential of this new life never reveals its full measure at once, but it motivates you to discover it. You will receive daily inspiration to act with courage, self-confidence, and faith. Wisdom inspires action, action strengthens wisdom. Each lesson expands your awareness.


      • How to uncover, and open yourself up to, the endless opportunities that pop up around you every day.
      • Understanding the limited perspective most of us have on life, and how you can expand it.
      • The duality of your journey through life, and how to balance your Inner Journey and your Outer Journey.
    • The simple navigation system that can take you quickly and easily to a place of strength and optimism.
    • Action steps (“exercises”) that bring each lesson vividly to life, and ensure you internalize and implement each Soul Reboot strategy as you go along.
    • How you can use the 3 voices in your head for guidance when you need it most.
    • What “soul awareness” is, and how you can practice it to create a stronger bond with your immortal soul.
    • The power and purpose of meditation, including downloadable meditations.
    • A simple yet powerful breathing exercise to calm your mind, and prepare yourself to get the utmost value from every meditation session.
    • An almost brainlessly simple (yet extremely powerful) exercise to become less self-centered (because even “good” people can be self-centered).
    • The real meaning and source of fear, and how you can eliminate its influence from your life once and for all.
    • How you can make it “happy hour” for your senses around-the-clock.
    • The components of truly effective prayer.
    • How you can draw all the support you need right from the universe and how to understand, and grow from, everyone who enters your life - even when  you think you couldn't.
    • Creating a blueprint for who you want to become, what you want to achieve, and the kind of life you want to live.
    • How to know that what you’re doing is the right thing… and that all will turn out fine, if you just “stay the course”.
    • The simple morning and evening practices that build unshakable self-confidence, and help you identify and celebrate every win (no matter how small) and forge a stronger connection to Spirit.

Who else wants to feel more Clear-headed, Peaceful, Focused and in Control?

You are now at a crossroad…

Everything that has happened to you in the past, everything you’ve ever done, every decision you’ve ever made up to now… has been part of your journey.

There is no point labeling any of it as “good” or “bad” because all of it is now just part of your journey. It has all contributed to bringing you here, right now, to this crossroad.

And the only decision that matters at this moment is…

Do you say yes to this opportunity… or will you continue to struggle on your own?

The entire 21-day “Reboot Your Soul” program is yours for an investment of only…


That’s right!

This proven system for eliminating worry, stress, and overwhelm from your life – and restoring the joy, happiness, and peace-of-mind you’ve been missing – is yours for less than you might spend on an evening out.

If you’re tired of suffering, and are ready to reboot YOUR soul (and, as a result, your entire LIFE) … then say “YES!” to this limited-time opportunity by clicking the button below, now…

(If you have trouble registering, please email Support@SunilSharma.com)

Next group starts Monday September 4th, 2017​

One of the participants from Australia (May 2017) was so pleased with the program, she decided she wanted to interview Dr. Sharma and share it with her friends....below is the recording of the online call.....

How much time does it take every day?

The best part of this 21-Day experience is that you don’t have to devote 8 hours a day, or 6 hours, or even 3 hours. Daily teachings are around 20 mins long. Daily action plans can take as little as 10 minutes a day. Sounds good, right!?

Can I get access to the entire challenge all at once or only in pieces?

Since this experience is designed to be completed over the course of 21 days, you will receive access to one new lesson each day. This allows you to focus on reflecting and implementing one new wisdom per day. You will have access to all content by the end of the experience.

What if I have a question that’s not here?

Send me an email…support@sunilsharma.com. However, the challenge will start on the scheduled date and the enrollment will end when all spots are taken. Send your question now!

Bodhidharma says: "I am but a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t look at me; look at the moon. I want to help you REBOOT YOUR SOUL. I want to help you find your moon, your sun, your inner peace and clarity. So, you can embark on a life that cherishes you, supports you, and makes you fulfilled… inside out. I’m here for YOU. Let’s do this!