Dr. Sharma has a deep compassion for humanity. Life has brought him into contact with a range of cultures, experiences and challenges, encompassing technology, academia, business, leadership and spirituality. His calling is to guide people, individually and collectively, to live a prosperous life from a place of inner strength and peace at every stage of life.

Dr. Sharma spent his formative years at a residential school in India founded on spiritual principles, where meditation was a part of everyday life. He then studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, where at the age of 19 he experienced his first inner awakening. On receipt of a full academic scholarship, he moved to Europe, where he was recognized as “Outstanding Student of the Year” when he graduated from the University of Durham. He subsequently completed his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and ran his own award-winning software company for 12 years.

In the year 2000, Dr. Sharma was inspired and guided to study ancient teachings and write the book “From Here to Happiness”, which was serialized into 20 television episodes for broadcast in Europe. Dr. Sharma is passionate about opening people’s awareness to the possibilities within. He has meditated since the age of 12 and in 2007 was personally trained in life enhancement techniques by Swami Ramdev. In 2012, Dr. Sharma was invited to be part of the Global Spiritual Leadership Council.

Dr. Sharma now lives in Arizona, USA, continuing to spread his message of inner strength, compassion and peace. He delivers his message through talks, seminars and guided meditations. He is also the founding President of the Meditation Institute, through which he promotes the use of meditation not just as a spiritual practice, but as a secular mind training tool.

With his cultural uniqueness, natural intelligence, sense of humor, and calming presence and voice, Dr. Sharma articulates the beauty and magnificence that can be achieved by all of humanity.

Dr. Sharma speaks from a level of consciousness that is refreshing, unique and inspiring. His delivery is gentle yet strong, humorous yet thought provoking and full of depth.

Message from New York Times #1 Best Seller

Janet Attwood, author of The Passion Test


“You captured the hearts and minds of all the participants at our peace conference. Your extraordinary speech made this conference one of the best ever.” – Dr. Garbis Der Yeghiayan, Rotary International.

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