From Here to Happiness

Timeless Wisdom for Living a Successful and Fulfilling Life
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"I am here to share my Peace and wisdom with anyone seeking it. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to Timeless Wisdom through my upbringing, learning, meditations and life experience. My journey started at the age of 12 when I left home to live and study at a residential school in India founded on Spiritual Principles. Yoga, Meditation and Prayer were part of our daily lives as we were inspired to seek the Truth and integrate it into our lives.

Whether you are trying to cope with the stresses of modern day busy living, trying to find peace of mind despite financial success, or seeking direction and spiritual growth, I can show you the principles that connect you to a bigger picture, create clarity and efficiency, and lead you to personal fulfillment and peace of mind. If you have sought answers through religion but not found them, I can help answer those questions so that you may progress towards peace of mind. Life is short. Make it a priority to seek answers, get connected, get grounded and expand your understanding and experience of life in everything you do." - Dr. Sunil Sharma

Dr. Sharma exudes calmness. He is a gifted teacher with a unique background, encompassing technology, business, education and meditation. His formal education included several years in a residential school founded on universal and secular spiritual values. He was then accepted into the world-renowned Indian Institute of Technology. He went on to be awarded “outstanding student of the year” at Durham University, UK and received his Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence. He subsequently founded and ran a successful award winning software company for many years. He has a passion for writing, speaking and teaching about Peace of Mind, Practical Spirituality, Happiness and the role of Leadership in building an ideal society. He is the author of the book “From Here to Happiness”.

“I felt the heart

heart and presence

of this man.”



Imagine a Guidance System That Combines The Practical Aspects of Day to Day Life With Timeless Wisdom, SO We Can Rediscover Ourselves and Connect to Our Potential… This is how this 21-Day Experience was created.


The purpose of religion should have been to help us re-connect with our spiritual essence and experience that which many people call God, but religion has failed to deliver this for most. What can we learn from religion without being Religious? In this program, Dr. Sharma shows us how we can extract useful wisdom from the world's major religions without needing to adopt that which is not, or hang its 'label' around our neck! This program is based on Dr. Sharma's insights and experience into the process of connecting with our spiritual essence and power without religion.


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