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Dr. Sunil Sharma exudes calmness. He is a gifted teacher with a unique background, encompassing technology, business, education and mindfulness. His formal education included several years in a residential school founded on universal and secular spiritual values. He was then accepted into the world-renowned Indian Institute of Technology. He went on to be awarded “outstanding student of the year” at Durham University and received his Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence. He subsequently founded and ran a successful award winning software company for many years. He has a passion for writing, speaking and teaching about Leadership, Self-Awareness and Happiness. He is the author of the book “From Here to Happiness”, and a sought after keynote speaker.

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Why do some people succeed as leaders and others don’t?

Recent research has confirmed that strong self-awareness is the strongest predictor of leadership success. Self-awareness is a progressively deeper understanding and knowing of who you are, how your mind behaves, and what causes you to be effective or less effective. Only by going inside can you get to know your mind, and if you can master your mind, you can master your emotions and your thoughts and breakthrough to a completely new level of confidence, clarity and creativity.


The aim of meditation is to create stillness. In stillness there is clarity, awareness and wisdom. There are several meditative techniques, each with their own approach for creating stillness. In this program you learn two powerful approaches to stillness – Mindfulness and Flow-Meditation. Meditation reduces anger and fear. There are also a number of physical benefits from the practice. The stillness within created by meditation creates calmness, clarity, compassion and joy.


How to Deal with Stress

Stress has become a common part of life and work. However living in a continued state of stress is neither healthy nor sustainable. We can learn to deal with the symptoms of stress, but the real breakthrough happens when you understand what is causing stress and eliminate the very……

A New Kind of Leader

The world has become too fast, too complex and too competitive to continue operating with traditional skills and perspectives. Leaders need to find a new level of thinking to find new solutions to the current challenges, both personal and collective. A new level of self-awareness creates the condition for…..

How the Mind Works

The mind is central to our experience of life. As we pay closer attention to our minds we become aware of the three components of the mind that influence the choices we make and the decisions we take. Equipped with this wisdom, we can steer the mind towards a more…..